Compass Minerals has a strong record of operating under sound corporate governance practices. In addition, our board of directors regularly evaluates and implements emerging best practices. Our senior leadership team and board are committed to building long-term, sustainable growth of shareholder value and to doing so in an ethical and transparent manner which reflects our Core Values.

We are committed to creating an environment that promotes our Core Values and encourages employees to speak up and report any known or suspected violations of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Code of Ethics), company policies and applicable law. Employees may report any known or suspected violations to a manager, human resources, a member of the legal or internal audit team, or our ethics hotline operated by an independent third party. Our Code of Ethics prohibits retaliation against employees for reporting information or raising questions in good faith. You may find information on contacting our board or ethics hotline here.

Our company and board have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion at all levels of our company, including at the highest level at our board. This is evidenced by the diversity of our board as a whole as well as the diversity of our board committee leadership.